SPL Dynamics Enclosures


Subwoofer enclosures are designed for trouble-free installation. Available in single or dual configurations.

Enclosures are made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

Enclosures are equipped with high quality terminals. Products are ported to give rich sounding bass. 

SB-814 SRX

XTR-200D2 and XTR-200D4 single element enclosure.

Height: 270 mm

Width: 580 mm

Depth 270 mm

SB-832 TRX


XTR-200D2 and XTR-200D4 twin element enclosure. 

Height: 270 mm

Width: 780 mm

Depth: 390 mm

SB-1255 SRX


XTR-300D2 and XTR-300D4 single element enclosure. 

Height: 400 mm

Width:  600 mm

Depth: 300/390 mm


SB-1295 TRX

XTR-300D2 and XTR-300D4 twin element enclosure. 

Height 395 mm

Width: 905 mm

Depth: 370 mm

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